‘KRISHNA IMPEX’ is a leading manufacturer, importer, trader and exporter of a wide range of medical, hospital, surgical & health care related products based in Delhi, India. Krishna Impex holds excellent business in domestic market and is emerging as a fast growing company and a trusted name in the medical and surgical supplies sector across the globe. Krishna Impex is a one stop shop for your all medical and surgical needs and we can offer you best quality products at the most competitive prices. We at Krishna Impex have been working dedicatedly in the medical and healthcare field and are making an indelible mark in the national and international markets as a trusted formula for entire hospital, surgical and medical supplies needs of its customers.

What we offer
We at Krishna Impex offer a wide variety of products in the hospital, medical, surgical and healthcare sector. Our product range includes but is not limited to the following:

      Hospital Furniture
      Hospital Hollowware
      Baby Care Equipment
  •    Anaesthesia Products
      Suction Units/Vacuum Apparatus
      Diagnostic Equipment
      Laboratory Equipment and Products
      Surgical and Medical Disposables
      Hospital Instruments
      Rehabilitation Products/Wheelchairs and Walking Aids
      Physiotherapy Units
      X-Ray Equipment
      Weighing Scales and Height Stands
      Deep Freezers/Cold Chain Equipment
      Diagnostic Kits
      Medical Kits/Asha Kits/Clean Delivery Kits

Our objective
Our primary objective at Krishna Impex is to provide quality products as per the specifications of our customers in order to provide them utmost satisfaction with every dealing.  We always endeavour to provide products confirming the highest international standards and ensure that our customer are fully satisfied with our quality and outstanding services. Krishna Impex believes in what it delivers. Our full range of hospital, surgical & medical supplies, hospital equipment and healthcare related products will certainly provide you a one stop solution for all your medical needs.